noun: misadventure; plural noun: misadventures an unfortunate incident; a mishap that leads to something better than originally planned.


Misadventure & Co is a company with a unique mission to produce sustainable vodka while reducing food waste. The idea was born when we discovered that excess baked goods were being thrown out by local bakeries and started to wonder what could be done to prevent this. After much experimentation and collaboration with local bakeries, Misadventure & Co had finally found the perfect recipe to convert excess baked goods into high-quality vodka andbegan to share it with the world.

Misadventure Vodka - About us
Misadventure & Co team


Our unique process involves fermenting and distilling unsold baked goods such as bread, croissants, and pastries. By using these ingredients instead of traditional, resource-intensive grains like wheat or corn, Misadventure & Co is able to signficantly reduce our environmental impact while creating a delicious, one-of-a-kind product

Since launching in 2018, Misadventure & Co has gained a devoted following of environmentally conscious vodka lovers. With our unique approach to sustainability and a commitment to making a difference, Misadventure & Co is changing the way people think about vodka and the impact it can have on the planet. After all, saving the world is worth a shot.


The Misadventure & Co. Tasting Room and cocktail bar is a beautiful gathering place designed to be a place where you can come to step back into a slower, more simple time. Elegant, whimsical, and warm - our bar is the perfect spot to meet with friends after work, or to spend the day on the weekends. We ofer comfortable outdoor and indoor seating, high quality craft cocktails made from our own vodka, and local beer on tap.

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